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Anonymous asked:

yes please, i need something positive!


Ok, when Kevin posted that on instagram it wasn’t the same day the photo was taken. On Sept 21, it was two days after the Harper’s bazaar charity thing and Kris was with his mom. He even took her shopping. So…we have to assume Kev’s photo was earlier.

Ok so the first oddity I noticed from Kev’s ig photo is this:

Excuse you Mr. Stands on his fucking toes but we can tell that you’re not as tall as the Kevbros cuz your waist isn’t as long as theirs and therefore look at the difference in butt level. Also, you can tell by the curve of his body that he’s standing on his toes. 

Also, hands are a good way to identify someone and Luhan has some pretty unique thumbs. 

Might also mention that Luhan looked like this at the airport on 140907 in Beijing (Kris updated weibo on 140908 and mentioned “reunion”):

Same hat that kris is wearing in Kev’s update

Also note that Kev is wearing one of Kris’s favorite hats, so I’m guessing when they took the photo Luhan put his hat on Kris’s head and then Kris put his hat on Kevin’s head. 

Also kainae pointed out that Luhan didn’t bring much luggage with him to Beijing. I know when I travel I usually wear the same pants a few times…and he was wearing black jeans on 140907, same as the ones in Kev’s photo. 

kainae also found this photo for me, taken at the same angle on 140907 (note the hat):

and I took that photo and only had to do this:

And presto:

Look at the hairline and the shoulders and the width of the arm and his neck…and his ear…

I also might note that it isn’t common for Chinese people to dye their hair blonde. The most they’ll do is brown or a dark red… They don’t tend to bleach like Koreans would, not even the artists. So there aren’t many people in China with hair like Luhan’s. Especially where the undercut is exactly the same and the shade too. 

Someone thought that was Sam Ku with Kris and Kevin and Kevin replied “bingo” so now everyone just assumed that SHORT BLONDE LUHAN is Sam Ku of all people simply because Kevin said “bingo”. Bruh, look at Sam Ku and tell me that’s him. I can’t stop laughing, myself. Why would Kevin ever tell the truth? Especially since he posted that photo before Luhan’s lawsuit. Do your research, people…

Also…as anon mentioned to me, the only members Kevin follows:

Conclusion: Luhan was in the studio with Kris in Beijing in September during Luhan’s break after Chuseok. 

SHUT UP !!! >_

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